I’m Pro-Choice for you, not for me.

In case you’re confused on the subject of this post, I’m addressing my views on one of the most debated topic in the US.


And I’m getting it out there right now, so that you have an opportunity to either keep reading, or to close out of this page.

I’m  aware that my opinions will not be received well by some people. I’m also aware that my opinions may cause a few of you to ‘unfollow’ my blog, ‘unfriend’ me on Facebook, and never text me again, but truthfully, I’m ok with that.


I’m saying it one more time just to make it clear, stay or leave, the choice is yours.


“Pro-choice is the position which advocates the existence of a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Pro-choice can also be a position of support of a person’s right to choose whether or not to end his or her life by euthanasia or assisted suicide[1] and other social ethic issues concerned with ones personal autonomy.[2] The term is most often used to emphasize a position of bodily integrity, individual sovereignty and self-determination, particularly on issues of public policy, law, political controversies and medical ethics.” (Cited directly from Wikipedia)

To understand where I’m going with this, I’m only addressing the portion of Pro-choice that applies to abortion.

I have never really been one to completely share my opinions or views on important issues such as this, not because I’m afraid of debate or anything of the like, but because it most of the time ties directly back to religion. And if you don’t know me all that well, I’m not very religious. Sure, I have my beliefs, but my position on Pro-choice vs. Pro-life has NOTHING to do with religion.

You see, I believe that true morality is doing what is right without the possibility of divine retribution nor the possibility of divine reward.

Put simply, your belief in God, Heaven, or Hell, is really irrelevant when it comes to true morality. You do the right things NOT because you are promised an eternal paradise, or threatened with an eternal inferno if you don’t, but because they are the RIGHT things to do.

And THAT is why I am Pro-choice for you, but not for me.

In an overly-sexualized society, teen pregnancy is an epidemic. The percentages are declining, but there are still over 1,000,000 teenage girls under the age of 20 that get pregnant every year. I think (and this is just my opinion, even if it sounds naive), that this amount of teen pregnancy is mostly caused by lack of knowledge. And what I mean by that is there are teenagers engaging in sexual activity without the proper education of all of the options of contraceptives.

It goes without saying that teenage sex shouldn’t be happening, but again, in an overly-sexualized society it IS going to happen.

I would wager that at least 25% of people that are reading this/going to read this lost their virginity before they graduated high school. And 50% of that original 25% had no idea how important condoms, birth-control, contraceptives of any kind was. All they know is the fear of ‘what if?’

‘What if I get pregnant?’

Everything beyond that is something too tremendous of an idea for a teenager to grasp.

There is no ‘what if my child is born with autism/cerebral palsy/down syndrome/etc?’. (As a side note, NONE of those things are something I view as reason to consider abortion, but again, it is not me I am talking about.)

There is no ‘what if my under-developed body encounters complications from this pregnancy?’

There is no ‘what if I don’t have the support I need to be a good parent?’

There generally isn’t anything of major importance that these teens think about.

Now, I’m not categorizing and stereo-typing and saying that teens are incapable of considering these things, I’m simply stating the in the lust-driven mind of a 15, 16 year old, there is normally nothing beyond immediate questions.

Immediate questions such as:

‘What if I can’t finish school because I’m taking care of my baby?’

‘What if I can’t hang out with my friends because I have a baby?”

And actually, I’m going to retract my earlier generalization of teen pregnancies and instead shift the focus to young mothers as a whole.

While the majority of women (yes, including teens) grasp the consequences and ramifications of pregnancy, there is still a portion of women, selfish women, that don’t.

Like her for instance:

It is for women like her that I am Pro-choice.

And no, not so she can fuel her self-absorbed life with Bacardi, but because she had/has the choice.

See, I don’t really the process the idea behind a choice the way you do.

There is nothing you could tell me that will make me change my mind about why I’m Pro-choice.

There is also nothing you could tell me that would ever convince me that abortion is a choice for me, because I value life entirely too much.

However, littered across the world are extenuating circumstances and really tragic reasons why a family chose abortion, and a lot of those are because the child hadn’t developed right, and it was the “Angel of Mercy” thing to do. I get that, I understand it. I don’t like it, but it’s not my choice.

(Read this mother’s story about why she chose abortion as end-of-life care)

Just like Kasey from above had her reasons, it’s her choice.

So now, let me delve into my feelings and opinions about that important word-choice.

Abortion has been in the minds of humans since the beginning of mankind. And abortion will be in the minds of humans until the end of mankind.

Considering this fact (because it is, indeed fact. The idea of abortion alone will NEVER be purged from the human mind), take a step back and think about what would reallllllly happen if we take away the legal, sanitized, clean, clinics of today.

The 17 year old girl that is terrified of telling her parents for fear of being disowned still has the idea of abortion in her mind. But without a clinic to go to, where will she turn? Will it be to the wire hanger she thinks she can jam inside of her and try to do it herself? Will it be a self-inflicted fall down the stairs? Will it be asking someone to punch her in the stomach as many times as it takes? Will it be drugs? Alcohol?

Or will it be a dark, back-alley “clinic”, ran in someone’s living room, where the ‘tools’ for the procedure are sterilized in vodka?

Set your opinions of morality and whether it’s a fetus or a baby aside, and reflect on that for a moment.

That girl could be your daughter. Your sister. Your niece. Your girlfriend, your wife, etc.

That girl could be anyone, and if the option of a CLEAN, STERILE, KNOWLEDGEABLE clinic is taken away, it will not stop the practice of abortions. It will only increase an epidemic of a different kind, the home abortion.

Trust me when I say that those home-based procedures are available, and readily.

In fact, they’re available at a popular music festival.

You can even Google the methods. (This was Googled in real time, as I wrote this blog)


It is for those reasons alone, my friends, that I am PRO-CHOICE.

I am not Pro-choice because of my religion, nor because I do not view it as wrong, all of that is null and void because this ONE idea, this ONE thing, prevents me from seeing any other option.

If our world ever comes to a time where abortion is illegal again, a time when it’s no longer a choice, I do not want to see it, because it could be my daughter, one day, being permanently mutilated and scarred for invalid reasons.

Keep the wire hangers in the closets, friends.



One response to “I’m Pro-Choice for you, not for me.

  1. Should we be so cold as not to care for those that can’t care for themselves? If we have no feeling for the most helpless, in out midst, what keeps us from moving to the next level and not caring for the elderly? Killing of the helpless, the ones no longer able to bring something to the table, whether they be handicapped, elderly, or slight of mind, is not new or “progressive.” It goes back to the days of barbarianism early man when we didn’t have the time for love, mercy or compassion. It was all about me me me. I can so I will. Pro-choice, abortion, what ever name it takes is simple a treatment of a symptom not a solution. We are going backwards not forward in the evolution of a better human. If we don’t learn to care and be responsible for each other it will get bad until we have no choice but to depend on each other again. They say, “You can’t fix stupid,” maybe we can’t but nature has a way of making the all powerful human very humble.

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